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Caring For Antique Wicker Outdoor Furniture

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If you inherit beautiful antique wicker outdoor furniture, you’ll want to keep it in good condition.  Even very old wicker furniture only needs a little time and effort to keep it looking nice.  Here are some simple care instructions on how to look after your antique wicker heirlooms. Remove surface dirt and dust Use your vacuum cleaner hose with the soft brush attachment to get rid of surface dust and dirt from your wicker furniture.  Remove any stubborn bits of fluff or pet hair from the wicker with tweezers or a small, dry paintbrush. Stains and spills If your furniture is made of reed wicker, you can clean up stains by using a mild solution of warm water and a light detergent, such as washing-up liquid.  Simply damp a clean cloth and wipe the stain away. Mould and mildew can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth dipped in a mild solution of household bleach and warm water. Environmental control Wicker can be prone to attack from mould and mildew, and chair seats can be liable to stretching if the atmosphere in which the furniture is kept is very damp.  However, prolonged exposure to harsh, direct sunlight can cause the wicker to dry out so that it becomes brittle and more liable to breakage.  Many very old items of wicker furniture have joints that are held in place with glue made from natural substances.  This glue can also be susceptible to environmental damage, leading to loose joints and possible breakage. For these reasons, valuable antique wicker outdoor furniture should be kept under cover somewhere dry when it is not in use.  It’s not recommended that you leave old wicker furniture outside 24/7, even during the summer. During humid weather, use a dehumidifier in the room where your wicker furniture is stored and make sure that the room has good ventilation and air circulation. General tips Although wicker furniture is pretty tough, damage and stretching can occur to the seats of chairs that are in frequent use.  You can help to prevent such damage by using padded cushions on chair seats.  High-backed wicker chairs or rockers also tend to suffer from stretching.  You can help to prevent damage by using thick fabric throws or chair back cushions that you can obtain from good garden centres. You can keep much-loved and valuable items of antique outdoor wicker furniture in good condition and help them to last longer by following the simple care tips above as part of your regular home maintenance...

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Tips For Choosing Your Café Furniture

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If you are opening a café, one of the first things you need to do is get furniture for your customers. It can sometimes be difficult choosing the right furniture, so here are some easy tips to help get you started. Choose Tables of Different Sizes A common mistake made by people who don’t really know any better is choosing all the café furniture the exact same size. While this might be good in a very small café where only a couple tables will fit, larger dining areas should really have better options. You might have a group of two people, a group of four people, then a party of 6-8 people. It is convenient to have some larger tables so you can avoid constantly having to move tables and chairs around just to accommodate the larger groups. Mix Up the Colours and Styles Another way to offer more variety in your café is to avoid using the exact same colour and style for every table and chair. Add more interest to the space by having different styles of tables, whether just a couple are different, or every single chair is a different colour. This can create a fun and casual atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too serious. Since you have a café, you probably want it to be more relaxed, and this is a great way to accomplish that. Have Some Chairs With No Arms The comfort of your customers should be top priority in your café. You don’t want to single anyone out or make them feel awkward because they don’t fit in your chairs properly. It is a good idea either to make a good amount of your chairs armless ones, or make them all armless. If you want to provide some chairs with arms for customers that do like the extra support, consider having a couple with and without arms at each café table. Choose Materials For the Environment If you are like many cafes, you have an indoor and outdoor area where guests will be enjoying their meal. You might need to choose different materials for your café furniture in each of these areas. For the outdoor area, make sure the furniture can withstand wind, rain, humidity, and various other elements. It should also not be easy to damage from direct sunlight during the day. Even if the outdoor area is protected under a big window awning, you still need to choose the furniture material...

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Different Types of Cabinetry You Can Choose For Your Kitchen

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Cabinetry is a staple requirement in all kitchens. Not only do they provide functional storage space, but they also have an impact on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. As such, selecting the right type from cabinet makers would be pertinent in ensuring they meet both your specific needs as well as aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the different types of cabinetry that you can choose from cabinet makers. Inset Cabinetry for Your Kitchen These types of cabinet comprise of small hinges that have been mounted on the face of the frame of the cabinets. Some inset cabinets may have their hinges mounted in the cabinet’s opening, but in both cases these hinges will be visible when you close the doors. The general appearance of these types of cabinets is characterized by both the drawer and door of the cabinetry being on the same plane. It should be noted, though, that this type of cabinetry does not provide much storage space as the inset will reduce the interior space. Partial Overlay Cabinetry With this type of cabinetry, the cabinet maker will mount both the drawers as well as the door entirely over the opening of the box. This works toward covering it completely while leaving a partially open frame. This type of cabinetry is best suited to homeowners that have small kitchens as its construction enables room for additional functional hardware to be installed. However, it should be noted that the face frame it consists of will also take up some of the interior space in the cabinets. Euro Style Cabinetry These types of cabinets are also referred to as full overlay cabinetry. If you are looking for a modern design from cabinet makers, this would be an ideal choice for your kitchen. These types of cabinets are referred to as full overlay because the door face of the cabinets completely covers the box of the cabinet. This means that it does not simply cover the opening of the cabinet, but it eliminates any visible framing when being viewed from the front while closed. This type of cabinetry is aesthetically appealing as it gives your kitchen the illusion of clean lines. Since there are minimal gaps between the cabinet doors and their drawers, the cabinetry has an appearance of continuous consistency. Additionally, the interior space of the cabinets is not compromised by either the hinges or the doors, hence providing maximum storage space. If you have any questions about cabinets and what might work for you, consider contacting a local cabinet maker, such as Pinoy...

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Advice on what tools you need to use when making your own cabinets

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While it is always best to get your cabinets made by custom cabinet makers, you may want to try and make them yourself as an enjoyable side project. Once you have some basic woodworking skills, you will be able to give a good account of yourself. And once you have your entire set of materials ready, you will need all of the correct tools at hand. The building process is made a lot easier, quicker and more effective when you have the right range of tools at hand. Here is some advice on what tools are best for your specific needs when creating your own cabinets. A strong and toothy blade One of the most frustrating problems you could potentially run into when building cabinets for the first time is cutting board materials that are prone to splintering and hard to cut as a result. If you cut these materials with the wrong tools, you run the risk of permanently damaging and wasting these materials. Therefore, you need to use a blade that has deep cutting teeth that will easily be able to cut through any type of wood in a splinter-free fashion. Having extra teeth will also increase the bite. Three sided clamp When you are building cabinets by yourself, it can often be a tricky process when trying to move and adjust them into various positions while maintaining a stable surface. Many of the two sided clamps on the market don’t do an adequate job of achieving this. Instead, you should use a clamp that has three sides to it. This allows you to effectively stabilise areas that are hard to reach otherwise and will provide increased leverage when you need to secure the frame of the face onto the cabinets. While you don’t need this tool for every part of the job, it does its specific job better than any other alternative. Drawer mounting tool When you are mounting the drawer’s slider in place, it can be an extremely tricky process to hold everything in place, keeping it level as well as trying to fix it in place. You need one hand to hold the screw, one to hold the drill and another to hold the slider. It appears that you have run out of hands. By using a mounting tool, you will be able to keep the sliders secure while having enough hands to be able to effectively fix the screws in place. This is achieved due to the tool’s ability to clamp onto the structure, therefore being able to keep the slider in place without having to hold it. This will prevent you from installing crooked drawer...

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Things to consider when ordering a custom-made couch

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When renovating or redecorating your living room, you surely have many requests and opinions that you want fulfilled when starting your project. Getting custom furniture made by a company like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery is one way to ensure your home looks exactly how you want it. Regarding your living room, the most important piece of furniture is the couch. Getting a custom made couch can give you a centre piece of furniture that can help lift the entire room. Before ordering a custom couch, however, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you get the most out of your couch. Make sure the couch isn’t blocking anything The first thing you need to consider is what space limitations you have. If you’re renovating your living room, this could be extra tricky. Talk to the contractors you’ve hired to fix your floors and walls and ask them for their opinions on what will be the best place for a couch when the renovation is done. You should also make sure that you just don’t look at the width and depth of the space where you want to put your couch. Power outlets, windows, and permanent wall fixtures are things that you should consider so that the couch isn’t blocking any of them. Measure your doors Remember that the couch will be delivered to your home. Measure the width and height of all doors that the couch needs to be transported through. If you conclude that the couch is too big to pass through the doors, you should consider getting a two piece couch instead. Usually you can’t tell it’s really two pieces when the couch has been assembled, and it can open up for creative design solutions if you want to rearrange it later. Consider the practical implications of your design There are a few things you should think about when designing the couch itself as well. Choosing fabric is not just a matter of what will look best in your living room; it also has to fit the couch. If you want a patterned fabric, you should consider the width of the fabric roll in comparison with the width of the couch. You don’t want seems in the fabric to show up in the middle of a cushion, and the pattern could also become uneven. If you have any further design suggestions other than the fabric of the couch, you should make sure the company is aware of these. The easiest solution is to send them a drawing to specifically point out where you want, for example, nails or studs to be located to make sure they get everything...

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3 Ways You Can Apply Teak In Your Outdoors For Longer Lasting And Better-Looking Furniture

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Teak timber boasts unmatched prowess when it comes to outdoor applications. It doesn’t get damaged even after prolonged moisture exposure. It also resists the harsh sun rays quite well without cracking, warping or changing colour. It even manages to ward off pesky termites and wood borers, enabling it to last for many years. This is why teak is a must-have for your outdoor applications. Below, check out three different ways you can make great use of teak around your home’s outdoor areas. Decking Decking is a great way to expand your outdoor space. You can find a variety of teak timber species that would make for a lovely deck. You can also have the teak stained to meet the look you want to achieve, be it light or darker colours. Teak decking is an especially good idea on areas around pools and Jacuzzis, as these are prone to get wet all the time. Thanks to teak’s great track record, your decking will withstand such water and rainfall without making your deck look bad. Pergola and patio construction Building a pergola or patio? These two outdoor structures often have to take the full brunt of the weather, an issue that can necessitate regular maintenance. However, if you choose to build your pergola or patio using teak furniture, you will never have to worry about constantly sealing the timber due to moisture, UV rays, or pests. For such outdoor construction, teak timber would be great for the posts, frames, walling, awnings, and even roofing. Outdoor furniture One of the most common applications for teak timber is in furniture. If you are going to have outdoor furniture in your garden, patio, verandah, porch, pergola or even rooftop, make sure its teak. Outdoor teak furniture will beat the weather, and it will last for many decades to come. A great joy of having teak outdoor furniture is that you never have to worry about the rain. Your outdoor furniture can remain outside 24/7 without a worry. More so, your furniture will always be ready-to-use anytime you want to relax outside in the open. Great ideas for outdoor teak furniture include benches, tables, stools, dining sets, and pool loungers. Apart from being functional, remember that teak is a quality timber product with great aesthetics. Teak will not only give you great value for your investment, it will also make your outdoor areas look good...

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