Bedroom Furniture: Tips For Buying Pieces That Will Grow With Your Child


One of the facts of life that you will quickly realise about having a child is that they will remain a continuous expense in your life. From clothes to shoes to toys, children rapidly outgrow their stuff. However, a mistake new parents are susceptible too is not considering how their child will also eventually outgrow their bedroom. Thus, if you want to make shopping for your kid's room economic, you need to purchase bedroom furniture that will stay relevant to your child's life years down the road.

Fortunately, furniture manufacturers do put this into consideration and create items that will prove to be cost-efficient in the long term. This article highlights a few tips that will enlighten you on how to shop for your kid's bedroom while ensuring that your child will not outgrow this space.

Focus on multifunctional pieces

The first step to successfully shopping for kids' bedroom furniture is to gravitate toward pieces that will provide you with multiple usages. For example, a changing table is one of the mandatory items you need when your baby is still an infant. However, as they grow out of diapers, you find that you have a bulky piece of furniture that is merely taking up floor space.

A better alternative will be to buy a changing table that is readily convertible into a chest of drawers, which will transform into handy storage space in the bedroom.

Invest in pieces that can be expanded or dismantled

Another nifty trick to ensuring that your child grows up with their bedroom furniture is to opt for pieces that are versatile enough to be extended or can easily be dismantled to put away for long-term storage. One of the major pieces that you have to purchase is a bed. And for most parents, this means buying a crib as they are only focusing on the short term. If the crib cannot expand, then you find you have to buy a toddler bed once the kid starts growing.

To maximise cost efficiency, you should seek out cribs that can easily be converted into a childbed as your kid grows. On the other hand, some types of furniture may not be of use to you once your child grows, for instance, a playpen. With these pieces, make sure you purchase one that can be dismantled and securely put into storage in case you ended needing it for a second child down the road.


2 April 2018

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