Two reasons to buy firm commercial mattresses for your hotel


Here are two reasons why you should buy firm commercial mattresses for your hotel.

You can easily make the mattresses softer for guests who prefer to sleep on soft beds

Whilst many people prefer the supportive qualities of a firm hotel mattress, there are some people who prefer to sleep on softer mattresses. In spite of this, you should still buy firm mattresses for your own hotel. Whilst you can easily make a firm mattress softer for guests who have this preference, it's almost impossible to make a soft mattress noticeably firmer.

If you get firm mattresses and you anticipate that a few of your guests will request soft ones, you should purchase some soft memory foam toppers that can easily be put on or taken off the mattresses. These mattress toppers will gently yield under the weight of the guests who lie on them and in doing so, will create that soft sensation that some people prefer. Then, when the guests with those preferences leave, you can simply remove the memory foam toppers from the beds they were sleeping on.

In contrast, if you were to buy soft commercial mattresses and a few firm memory foam toppers for the majority of guests who prefer to sleep on firm beds, you might run into issues, as even with these toppers in place, the mattress itself will still cave in as soon as the guests lie on it and will give the person sleeping on it the sensation of sinking down into the middle of the bed.

The mattresses will soften up over time

The other reason why firm mattresses are better for commercial establishments like hotels is that all mattresses get a bit softer over time. This can happen quite rapidly in a hotel because, in addition to sleeping in their beds overnight, guests will often take daytime naps or lie down on them whilst watching movies or eating meals.

As such, if you start off with soft mattresses that, in their brand-new condition, already have a tendency to sink a bit when someone lays or sits on them, your guests will soon begin to find sleeping on these mattresses uncomfortable, as their backs will not get enough support whilst they are lying on them when these mattresses become softer. Given this, even if you buy firm mattresses that you feel are a little bit too stiff at first, they would still be a better option than their softer counterparts.


26 August 2021

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