Four Interstate Moving Tips to Save Your Sanity


Moving is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. First, you have to leave behind the life that you have grown accustomed to, as well as your friends, family and other close associates. There is also the most difficult part, moving your belongings across hundreds or, at times, thousands of kilometres while trying to make sure that you do not destroy anything. If you want to have an easy time moving across the states, you have to plan the trip very carefully ahead of time. Here are four easy tips which will help you maintain your sanity in the process. 

Make the Load Lighter

Moving companies use two parameters to decide how much they will charge you for an interstate move. The first is the weight of the things which you want to move, and the second is the distance. When you are sorting out your property, it is advisable only to take the things you need. If you have gently used items which you do not need, consider having a yard sale to dispose of them or donate them to charity. Start the sorting process months ahead for the best results.

Let Everyone Help

Packing for a move is no easy task. If you want to manage it well, you have to get everyone in your household involved. If you have kids, give them the responsibility of packing their things. Teach them how to separate the fragile items from the rest and how to decide what they need and what they do not require.

Obtain Quotes From Several Movers

When you have organised your things into what you will carry and what you want to leave behind, call a moving company and have them give you a moving quotation. Before settling on a mover, ask at least three more and compare their moving costs. Ensure that you engage a licensed moving company and that they have insurance in case anything happens.

Document State of Your Property

Tears, breakages and other damages are likely to happen during the removal process. When they occur, you need to have evidence of the condition your item was in to claim replacement by the insurer. Take photos of everything before packing and loading them as this might be your only way proof to get compensation.

If you are transporting very valuable items, it is also advisable to buy moving insurance. Take time and consult an interstate removal service. This will simplify your move and minimise losses during the process. 


17 September 2019

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