Tips For Choosing Your Café Furniture


If you are opening a café, one of the first things you need to do is get furniture for your customers. It can sometimes be difficult choosing the right furniture, so here are some easy tips to help get you started.

Choose Tables of Different Sizes

A common mistake made by people who don't really know any better is choosing all the café furniture the exact same size. While this might be good in a very small café where only a couple tables will fit, larger dining areas should really have better options. You might have a group of two people, a group of four people, then a party of 6-8 people. It is convenient to have some larger tables so you can avoid constantly having to move tables and chairs around just to accommodate the larger groups.

Mix Up the Colours and Styles

Another way to offer more variety in your café is to avoid using the exact same colour and style for every table and chair. Add more interest to the space by having different styles of tables, whether just a couple are different, or every single chair is a different colour. This can create a fun and casual atmosphere that doesn't take itself too serious. Since you have a café, you probably want it to be more relaxed, and this is a great way to accomplish that.

Have Some Chairs With No Arms

The comfort of your customers should be top priority in your café. You don't want to single anyone out or make them feel awkward because they don't fit in your chairs properly. It is a good idea either to make a good amount of your chairs armless ones, or make them all armless. If you want to provide some chairs with arms for customers that do like the extra support, consider having a couple with and without arms at each café table.

Choose Materials For the Environment

If you are like many cafes, you have an indoor and outdoor area where guests will be enjoying their meal. You might need to choose different materials for your café furniture in each of these areas. For the outdoor area, make sure the furniture can withstand wind, rain, humidity, and various other elements. It should also not be easy to damage from direct sunlight during the day. Even if the outdoor area is protected under a big window awning, you still need to choose the furniture material wisely.


22 June 2016

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