Different Types of Cabinetry You Can Choose For Your Kitchen


Cabinetry is a staple requirement in all kitchens. Not only do they provide functional storage space, but they also have an impact on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. As such, selecting the right type from cabinet makers would be pertinent in ensuring they meet both your specific needs as well as aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the different types of cabinetry that you can choose from cabinet makers.

Inset Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

These types of cabinet comprise of small hinges that have been mounted on the face of the frame of the cabinets. Some inset cabinets may have their hinges mounted in the cabinet's opening, but in both cases these hinges will be visible when you close the doors. The general appearance of these types of cabinets is characterized by both the drawer and door of the cabinetry being on the same plane. It should be noted, though, that this type of cabinetry does not provide much storage space as the inset will reduce the interior space.

Partial Overlay Cabinetry

With this type of cabinetry, the cabinet maker will mount both the drawers as well as the door entirely over the opening of the box. This works toward covering it completely while leaving a partially open frame. This type of cabinetry is best suited to homeowners that have small kitchens as its construction enables room for additional functional hardware to be installed. However, it should be noted that the face frame it consists of will also take up some of the interior space in the cabinets.

Euro Style Cabinetry

These types of cabinets are also referred to as full overlay cabinetry. If you are looking for a modern design from cabinet makers, this would be an ideal choice for your kitchen. These types of cabinets are referred to as full overlay because the door face of the cabinets completely covers the box of the cabinet. This means that it does not simply cover the opening of the cabinet, but it eliminates any visible framing when being viewed from the front while closed. This type of cabinetry is aesthetically appealing as it gives your kitchen the illusion of clean lines. Since there are minimal gaps between the cabinet doors and their drawers, the cabinetry has an appearance of continuous consistency. Additionally, the interior space of the cabinets is not compromised by either the hinges or the doors, hence providing maximum storage space.

If you have any questions about cabinets and what might work for you, consider contacting a local cabinet maker, such as Pinoy Cabinets.


5 January 2016

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