Advice on what tools you need to use when making your own cabinets


While it is always best to get your cabinets made by custom cabinet makers, you may want to try and make them yourself as an enjoyable side project. Once you have some basic woodworking skills, you will be able to give a good account of yourself. And once you have your entire set of materials ready, you will need all of the correct tools at hand. The building process is made a lot easier, quicker and more effective when you have the right range of tools at hand.

Here is some advice on what tools are best for your specific needs when creating your own cabinets.

A strong and toothy blade

One of the most frustrating problems you could potentially run into when building cabinets for the first time is cutting board materials that are prone to splintering and hard to cut as a result. If you cut these materials with the wrong tools, you run the risk of permanently damaging and wasting these materials. Therefore, you need to use a blade that has deep cutting teeth that will easily be able to cut through any type of wood in a splinter-free fashion. Having extra teeth will also increase the bite.

Three sided clamp

When you are building cabinets by yourself, it can often be a tricky process when trying to move and adjust them into various positions while maintaining a stable surface. Many of the two sided clamps on the market don't do an adequate job of achieving this.

Instead, you should use a clamp that has three sides to it. This allows you to effectively stabilise areas that are hard to reach otherwise and will provide increased leverage when you need to secure the frame of the face onto the cabinets. While you don't need this tool for every part of the job, it does its specific job better than any other alternative.

Drawer mounting tool

When you are mounting the drawer's slider in place, it can be an extremely tricky process to hold everything in place, keeping it level as well as trying to fix it in place. You need one hand to hold the screw, one to hold the drill and another to hold the slider. It appears that you have run out of hands. By using a mounting tool, you will be able to keep the sliders secure while having enough hands to be able to effectively fix the screws in place. This is achieved due to the tool's ability to clamp onto the structure, therefore being able to keep the slider in place without having to hold it. This will prevent you from installing crooked drawer sliders.


20 November 2015

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