3 Ways You Can Apply Teak In Your Outdoors For Longer Lasting And Better-Looking Furniture


Teak timber boasts unmatched prowess when it comes to outdoor applications. It doesn't get damaged even after prolonged moisture exposure. It also resists the harsh sun rays quite well without cracking, warping or changing colour. It even manages to ward off pesky termites and wood borers, enabling it to last for many years. This is why teak is a must-have for your outdoor applications. Below, check out three different ways you can make great use of teak around your home's outdoor areas.


Decking is a great way to expand your outdoor space. You can find a variety of teak timber species that would make for a lovely deck. You can also have the teak stained to meet the look you want to achieve, be it light or darker colours. Teak decking is an especially good idea on areas around pools and Jacuzzis, as these are prone to get wet all the time. Thanks to teak's great track record, your decking will withstand such water and rainfall without making your deck look bad.

Pergola and patio construction

Building a pergola or patio? These two outdoor structures often have to take the full brunt of the weather, an issue that can necessitate regular maintenance. However, if you choose to build your pergola or patio using teak furniture, you will never have to worry about constantly sealing the timber due to moisture, UV rays, or pests. For such outdoor construction, teak timber would be great for the posts, frames, walling, awnings, and even roofing.

Outdoor furniture

One of the most common applications for teak timber is in furniture. If you are going to have outdoor furniture in your garden, patio, verandah, porch, pergola or even rooftop, make sure its teak. Outdoor teak furniture will beat the weather, and it will last for many decades to come. A great joy of having teak outdoor furniture is that you never have to worry about the rain. Your outdoor furniture can remain outside 24/7 without a worry. More so, your furniture will always be ready-to-use anytime you want to relax outside in the open. Great ideas for outdoor teak furniture include benches, tables, stools, dining sets, and pool loungers.

Apart from being functional, remember that teak is a quality timber product with great aesthetics. Teak will not only give you great value for your investment, it will also make your outdoor areas look good too.


11 November 2015

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